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Decorative Glass Services

A window or a glass panel can be greatly enhanced by the addition of decorative glass. The custom glass we provide here at ABC Glass Co. can be used in any room and can transform your work or living space into one with an enormously increased aesthetic value.

Our textured – or architectural – glass will add sparkle to your stained glass. We will help you pick the one that is right for you, depending on whether you want a lot of natural; light, or a more subdued setting. The manufacturer we use is Hollander Glass.

Decorative glass can be anywhere in a building – on windows, doors, cabinets, stair railings, walls, and many other places. There are thousands of specialist glass styles, and they come in a multitude of colors.

Most custom decorative glass work is done for commercial customers, but we also attract a number of homeowners. In most cases, we meet with the business owner and go over all the possibilities that help brighten the office space.

Architectural glass windows and panels can make a huge difference to a property and the range we have at ABC Glass Co. is comprehensive and very affordable priced. So why not come and check out our showroom in Phoenix, Arizona, or call us at (602) 971-3440.

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Clear Float , Pattern Glass Group AA , Pattern Glass Group A , Pattern Glass Group B, Glass, Non-Temperable Glass, Premium Specialty Glass & Wissmach 4mm, Art Glass, Mirror Glass. 

So if you need any new decorative glass installed, replaced, or repaired, contact ABC Glass Co. at (602) 971-3440.

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